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Typing Club Tool Now Available!

With over 650 in-house designed lessons, Typing Club is a comprehensive way to teach touch typing. Typing Club provides an extensive curriculum that includes varied typing experiences, games, and videos, as well as multiple motivational tools. To learn more, explore or get started click the link below and use the user name format of your child’s first name dot last name (e.g. john.smith)

To Login: www.cubrunpta.typingclub.com
User Name: first.last
Password: Cubby123

Each student has been signed up for the grade level for the 2018 – 2019 school year.  This will include rising 7th graders as they helped to fund this tool.  You can track your child’s progress in a variety of ways, including having their progress sent to your email address.  We hope this will aid in the growth of your child’s academic career and that they will enjoy this tool while they are learning.

Order School Supplies

Visit www.schooltoolbox.com to order your school supplies for next year! Everything will show up at your door! Information on the cost of supplies for each grade level is available here: Cub Run Elem, VA 18 Flyer

PTA Communications

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To share information for the Sunday newsletter, submit text to cubrunptasecretary@gmail.com by Friday at noon.

Fliers for PTA events must be submitted to cubrunptasecretary@gmail.com and approved by the administration prior to being copied for Wednesday folders. All fliers must be copied by Tuesday in order to allow teachers sufficient time to include them in Wednesday folders.


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