Cub Run PTA:  Enriching the lives of our students by bringing the parents and staff of Cub Run Elementary school together.

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Join the Cub Run-a-Thon Committee

If you are interested in being a part of this amazing fundraising committee next year and taking over the event in 2019, email Shelby Oakley.

Help Plan the Outdoor Classroom

Want to get involved in planning the outdoor classroom? If you would like to be a part of this exciting project please contact Shelby Oakley. Also, if you know any companies that might be interested in getting involved in this project please have them contact Fairfax County Public Schools to learn what it takes to become an approved vendor.

Volunteer in the Cafeteria 

Parents, are you looking for a fun volunteer opportunity? The Cub Run cafeteria is looking for parent volunteers to help out during lunch time. You would assist students with opening their meals, make sure they have paper towels and generally help keep an eye on things. Volunteer as often as you like!

The biggest need is during lunch time for the younger children: K (10:45-11:15am), 1st (11:00-11:30am), and 2nd (11:50am-12:20pm).

If interested, please contact Assistant Principal Shelia Sobeski at SDSobeski@fcps.edu.


 Gold Star PTA Members 

Kumaresan Baskar ∗ Jayamalathi Baskar ∗ Troy Villemaire ∗ Carey Villemaire ∗ Mary Wescott ∗ Nhat Nguyen ∗ Erica Eltringham ∗ Jim Eltringham ∗ Lindsay Reiner ∗ Josh Reiner ∗ Ari Kloehn ∗ Linnea Ober ∗ Jimmy Ober ∗ George Schrader ∗ Jennifer Schrader ∗ Vanessa Harris ∗ David Harris ∗ Megan Bartlett ∗ Mark Bartlett ∗ Katherine Strobl ∗ Michael Strobl ∗ Mary Louk ∗ Josh Louk ∗ Ella Fettig ∗ Nicole Fettig ∗ Anupam Singh ∗ Stephanie Kohout ∗ Rick Kohout ∗ Charity Ponton ∗ Casey Ponton ∗ Mona Larsen ∗ Josh Larsen ∗ Michael Minks ∗ Camara Minks ∗ Elizabeth Sibert ∗ Chadd Sibert ∗ Alice Andersen ∗ Tyler Andersen ∗ Tara Carey ∗ John Carey ∗ Mi Hee Han ∗ Virginia Rafii ∗ Kurosh Rafii ∗ Denise Guiney ∗ Kevin Guiney ∗ Stephanie White ∗ Brian Schonfeld ∗ Keshavrajan Sankaralingam ∗ Sujatha Venkatesan ∗ Karen Chapman ∗ Scott Chapman ∗ Martha Hampton ∗ Jenny Lee ∗ Rich Lee ∗ John Helleberg ∗ Latasha McClain