Cub Run A Thon Fundraiser!

 Cub Run-a-Thon

This is hopefully our one and only fundraiser of the year.  Last year in our second year ever we raised over $30,000.  And we held true to our word that we would not have any other fundraisers!!  This means our kids don’t have to sell products that no one wants to buy.

This year our goal is $25,000.  We will be using these monies to help support STEAM functions in our school in addition to PTA events.  It is a pledge based fundraiser where our kids get to participate in a healthy run-a-thon at the end of it.  Consider donating and helping your child solicit donations totaling $50.  That is just 5 donations of $10 each!

Follow these Simple Steps to Pledge Success!

  1. Register your Child for our Run-a-Thon by visiting
  2. Friends and Family want to help your child be successful and share in their achievements. Use the student fundraising page to promote online pledge donations using the email and social media tools right on their page.  It’s easy!
  3. Watch your child’s Pledge Meter blast to the top fast! Most credit/debit cards are accepted from anywhere in the world.  Check your child’s web page often to see all pledges they’ve received in “real time”.

Our Total School Goal is $25,000

Fun Run Event Details:

Fun Run date:  Thursday October 6, 2016

Final Pledge due date:  Wednesday October 13, 2016

We accept pledges both online and in school.

Pledges in the form of cash & checks, should be turned into the school.

Please make checks payable to:  Cub Run PTA with a note saying Run-A-Thon and the name of your child.

Cub Run PTA Pledge Rewards

The FIRST 75 Students to register at will receive a free pedometer or pair of sunglasses.

View your child’s pledge total on their Student Fundraising page anytime for up to date totals.

Individual Pledge Rewards

All students are encouraged to reach their individual pledge goal of $50.00. Students who raise $50 will have their name placed on a star in the cafeteria!

Any Pledge= Register online + raise any amount by 9/15 = 1 entry to drawing

Students earn one raffle ticket into Weekly and Grand Prize raffle for every $10

Raise $50 = 5 tickets

Raise $100 = 10 tickets

Raise $200 = 20 tickets

Special Incentives will be given out to the students, classrooms, and grades who raise the most money!

Weekly Raffles will be held on:

9/16 (pledges due by 9/15)

9/23 (pledges due by 9/22)

9/30 (pledges due by 9/29)

Some weekly raffle prizes include: ice skating passes, bowling passes, laser tag, and other fun prizes!

Grand Prizes will be awarded on:

10/14 (pledges due by 10/12)

Grand Prizes will be awarded to the top earning students!

Some grand prizes include: Kindle Fire, IPods, Gift Certificates, Rock Climbing Passes and much more!

Classroom Rewards:

50% of goal by 9/16 = popsicle party!

75% of goal by 9/23 = classroom dance party or extra recess!

100% or more of goal = pizza party!

Total School Pledge Rewards

If we reach our overall school goal of $25,000, students will be permitted to dress up as their favorite book character on October 31!

Individual Teacher Awards

Classroom teachers who exceed their classroom goals from 100% – 125% will get that money directly back into their personal classrooms.

Class money raised from 125% – 150% of their goals will go back into a school wide pot for classroom supplies such as glue sticks, hand sanitizer, basically anything that the teachers need, so as not to request it from the parents.