Box Tops, Amazon, and No Fuss Fundraising

 Box Tops for Education

Box Tops for Education

General Mills Box Tops for Education: Collect your box tops for education labels and send them in to school. They are worth 10 cents apiece and add up fast! Go to for more information and to see the participating products.

Imagine what one Cubby can do…

1 Box Top per month x 10 months = $1.00

5 Box Tops per month x 10 months =  $5.00

10 Box Tops per month x 10 months = $10.00

Imagine what Cub Run can do…

$1.00 x 550 students = $550.00

$5.00 x 550 students =  $2,750.00

$10.00 x 550 students =  $5,500

That’s a lot of money for Cub Run just for clipping Box Tops! Thank you for your support and your clipping!


Amazon Smile

Shop at for the same products as Select Cub Run Elementary PTA as your charitable organization and a portion of your sales will be donated to the PTA. Hint: Search for ‘Cub Run Elem PTA.’

No fuss fundraisers

Want to contribute to your PTA without jumping through hoops.  Just write a check made out to Cub Run PTA and send it in your child’s folder.  Also, you can stop by the office to drop it off.  Donations are accepted at any time and much appreciated.